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- Branding and Consulting for the Chinese Market.

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We’re an Edinburgh-based creative agency with a mission to build agile brands that resonate with consumers in the long term. We provide excellent services in branding, design, production, and distribution in the UK or we can guide you into the Chinese market.

There are over 1.3 billion people China waiting to hear about your brand. What do you want to say?

Let us help you tailor your brand’s message to the Chinese market.

Chinese Market

There’s the Wild, Wild West, but then there’s the Wow, Wow East. The Chinese market is the world’s most significant and dynamic hub for e-commerce. We’ll guide your entry strategy and successfully establish your brand in the local environment.

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Creative Services

Simple, clear design that stands out is what the saturated market calls for. Design that not only attracts customer attention, but keeps it. Our team of designers can help with your brand-specific issues, no matter how far along (or not far along) you are in your branding process.

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Stuff we did...


Really pleased with this new branding for my restaurant. Design Point have worked side by side with me to fulfilled my requirement.

Hahn Pham
‍- Resturant Owner


It was an very exciting experience working with the team on this project. Deliver what we expected result.

Luis Yi
- Co-Founder of UniEat

Project Name

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Luis Yi
‍- CEO Project name

Meet the Team...

Luis Yi

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Andi Wang

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Patrick Tu

Head of Design

Micheala Engelthalerová

Marketing Manager

Ameila Masters

Social Media Manager / Copy Writer

Jorge Miksi

Senior Graphic Designer

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