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A strong presence in the Chinese market – like a local

Our experience with the target market will successfully internationalise your brand. Create a strong online and social media presence, and nurture customer relationships.


Stay competitive among Chinese brands by adapting to the local environment. We help with localised content, graphic design elements, and creating a name that translates well into another language.

Chinese Brand Identity / Chinese Naming / Contents Translation / Chinese Marketing


Take a step closer to Chinese customers by positioning your brand in vital parts of their culture. Our team specializes in content creation and can introduce and manage your presence on platforms popular in China such as WeChat and Weibo.

WeChat / WeiBo / Contents management / In-App Integration


Cultural differences are hard to navigate; let our team of local experts manage your brand in China and help you understand the priorities of the Chinese market. We seamlessly navigate online and offline channels. From social media to attractive packaging and marketing collateral, we’ll ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves.

Chinese Marketing Consultancy / Analysis / Consumers Reports

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