Navigate nuance with cultural intelligence.

We’re an Edinburgh-based creative agency with a mission to build agile brands that resonate with consumers in the long term. We provide excellent services in branding, design, production, and distribution in the UK or we can guide you into the Chinese market.

We are Chinese market experts

There’s the Wild, Wild West, but then there’s the Wow, Wow East. The Chinese market is the world’s most significant and dynamic hub for e-commerce. We’ll guide your entry strategy and successfully establish your brand in the local environment.

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Bring Growth to your business through creative solutions

Simple, clear design that stands out is what the new market is calling for. Design that not only attracts customer attention, but keeps it. Our team of designers can help with your brand-specific issues, no matter how far along (or not far along) you are in your branding process.
Start the process by letting us know how can we help your brand. If you’re business is facing a problem or you’re simply looking for a change of direction, we’ve got you covered.

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Meet our experts

Luis Yi

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Andi Wang

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Patrick Tu

Head of Design

Micheala Engelthalerová

Marketing Manager

Ameila Masters

Social Media Manager / Copy Writer

Jorge Miksi

Senior Graphic Designer

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